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Originally Posted by Marco View Post
I'ma have to go with yes. There has to be different levels of jealousy. Of course, I'm speaking from a couple's standpoint. The whole process of 'opening up' my monogamous marriage was flooded with jealousy. From long-term Monogamy to Polyamory is a drastic change in mindset and I can't imagine a person who is single to experience the same insecurities.

I second this.

My wife's girlfriend just admitted that she gets jealous when my wife and I are intimate, not only because that is her girlfriend but also because she has feelings for me too but cant be with me at the moment. but I also see my wife being jealous because Nikki (her girlfriend) and I have a stronger connection then they do because Nikki and I have been friends for a years. I actually knew Nikki before I knew wifey. Now if we were all in a triad then the jealousy would be as strong because no one would be left out. for example Nikki being jealous that my wifey sits on my lap when I get home from work to greet me wouldnt be in issue because she could also do that when I got home as well. So as a Vee i see more jealousy then a triad
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