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Had that conversation last night the response I received was the same response I received when they were just dating which is my wifey saying she isnt ready and my involvement would haul her progress with nikki and that she doesnt know how she would feel about seeing nikki and I on the same level as her and nikki are. It's a lose lose battle for me and I'm tired of feeling like there has been no progress to add me into the mix slowly and Ive been waiting 5 mos and I havent seen any fruit from my labor. Plus Nikki isnt going to disagree with wifey and say she is ready to be in a triad because she would feel like she is putting pressure on her. This is all very frustrating and its getting difficult to keep my feelings for nikki at bay.

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Well consider the fact that they haven't moved towards something you want. It could mean that it won't happen or they are waiting for you.

Are you comfortable enough talking to them about the topic without someone holdign any resentment? If so, why not have the conversation again. Put the bug back in their ear
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