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You see as soon as I hear or read the word God in the same sentence with something of hate I hit the off switch. I have a pretty extreme religious back ground from my childhood. No celebrating holidays (they are pagan), no birthdays ( "God banned it because John the baptiser was killed"), blood transfusions were forbidden. Ect ect ect. I'm now 99% agnostic, but I still carry some teachings with me. Things like, here are YOUR guidelines on you to live YOUR life. It's God's right to judge and it's a sin for us to think we are in a position to do his job. Another lesson I remember is that we were not to persecute those with different beliefs. We were not supposed to hate them, but be sad for them in their blindness, to feel love for them and hope the best for them. I truly HATE talking religon with anyone, but with a person who truly just feels like expressing their own beliefs about their life... I will listen. Someone spewing hate and using their "bible as their sword." I am more than willing to say get the eff out my face. But that's not the point of this topic.

I truly find the "negatives" comepltely hilarious.I didn't read the whole thing. I have an involuntary cut off switch. But I think it's quite interesting that in one sentence we are way to open and risky and in the next we are too controlled because we make plans to have a specific outcome... Omg the horrors of LIFE! Every decision I make has an expectation of the outcome. How do the two relate? Who the hell cares? I pity people like this. I pity their followers, their family, and their children. I can't imagine what life would be like behind closed doors with someone who is beaten by is own lack of knowledge and fear so he turns it to hate. Ick! But yeah, I can give a rat's ass about articles like this. I'm sure there is another hate filled article of someone attacking this author. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. *puts foil hat on* Everything is hated by someone without accurate information. It doesn't matter to me. What I worry about is when words are not enough for these people...
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