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Question Need a bit of advice/help


(if this is in the wrong place apologies and please move to where it should be thank you.)

A little background and then my question. I have been involved with my current girlfriend/wife/missus/love for 6 years and we have one lovely 3year old daughter and another one on the way.

when we first got involved right at the beginning before things even started getting to serious i discussed my wanting to start a poly family/relationship, basically wanting more than one partner in my life and it was all fine and dandy she understood where i was going and she was fine with it. she even looked rather enthusiastic about the idea.

Then as time passed and things got more serious it changed. the enthusiasm over time went away and it went from being great to being ok to being outright unacceptable.

now my question is this. where do i go from here is there any advice about talking to her resourses i can study up on that will help me in any way. any advice to help work out a compromise? i have been bending over backward accomodating her (because i really do love her) but this whole situation has left me a rather unhappy mess.

So if there is any help/advice it would be appretiated.

Thank you.
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