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I realized I got all this great advice and I didn't give a proper thank you or update.
Initially I had to cancel coffee because timing didn't work out but we did eventually get together and just chatted. The whole avoidance thing never came up but that was mostly because once we started talking about small things (like trying to catch the TTC after the subways are closed, trust me, don't try it) we both just loosened up and we were laughing and talking about common interests and cute boys. She's even brought up that she was seeing T tonight, to make sure I knew and was okay with it, which given how shy M can be was a really big thing for her to do. Later when T came back he said they'd had a great evening and that some of the awkwardness that had been there initially was gone and for the first time he was feeling 100% positive about opening our relationship.
So again thanks so much for the great advice, I am really happy I found this forum.
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