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Originally Posted by idealist View Post
At first, I was embarrassed to call a therapist because I was raised to think "you never talk to strangers about your personal matters" but fortunately I got over that!!! I am very grateful for the help I received from my therapist!!
I think everyone needs therapy. The people who swear up and down that they're fine and don't need therapy, they're the ones who need it the most. Therapy is for fixing your problems. Now, you show me someone who doesn't have problems, and I'll show you someone who is made of plaster, wearing designer clothes in a shop window...

syestra, Have these feelings been building gradually over time, or was there some event which triggered them?

Almost everyone I know goes through some kind of identity crisis in their early-to-mid-twenties. Without knowing your age, I can't comment on whether this could be connected to what you're feeling, but the general tone resembles how I felt when I went through my crisis at about 22. I was just all over the place, flailing, reaching for anything to grab on to. Crushes on everyone, crushed by disappointment when they didn't return my affections.

As for the cheating, there's no reason to dwell on mistakes of the past. Learn what lessons you can from them and try to identify the behaviour/events that led up to them so you can avoid them in the future. And if you make a few more mistakes, that's ok. You're human!
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