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I have to admit, I did feel different after getting married.

I was always committed to working on the relationship, on myself, and supporting my husband. I wouldn't have gotten married if I wasn't already committed. But for some reason, the ceremony and the meaning behind the process seemed to somehow strengthen my resolve.

I was always the anti-marriage type, primarily because I knew deep down, before I had a word for it, that I was poly and couldn't do the whole "you and only you, until death do we part" thing. For me, it really was a case of "you just haven't met the right man" because when I did, suddenly I was willing to make all kinds of changes and compromises that I had never even considered considering...

But if my beloved would have said "I love you and I'll stand by you forever, but there's no way in hell I'm getting married and if you love me, you won't make me" then that would have been all I needed to hear, and I would have been happy. But, as it was, I got to have my cake and eat it too. And what a lovely cake it was *points down to sig*
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