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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I would THINK, that in a situation where there is a primary couple, there would be more jealousy within that couple as opposed to someone who has no primary. Is jealousy lower in this latter group do you think?
I agree with YGirl, GeminiGirl and Derby...they all made good points. It's a hard question to answer. It seems like if a person is in a "couple" and they are sharing a home, they might tend to be more possessive and prone to jealousy......because the threat of losing their partner might create anxiety since their daily home life would be affected. But as a single person who lives alone, the ending of a relationship wouldn't really affect your home life, therefore you might not be as anxious about it!?!?!?

That seems to be logical....but I don't think it's very valid. Emotions aren't logical and they don't neccessarily follow logic.

I'll just talk about my experiences.
I haven't experienced a lot of jealousy in my life and I don't really know why. Also, none of the people I have been in relationships with have expressed any jealousy that I can remember (except one and he expressed it immediately....we only dated 8 months) So anyway......I just started the poly lifestyle! Uh Oh...... I guess I better hang on for the ride!!!
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