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Originally Posted by rabbit View Post
I was already thinking "crazy" and then I got to the part about how polyamory creates equal gender roles... and he's saying it as if it's a bad thing.

Also I'd love to know why polyamory is expensive - that just made me laugh. Because you are going on more dates?
HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! Just the synopsis and critique made me laugh out loud. Yes he is crazy and doubt! I wonder how many "poly" men realize that this is a lifestyle for gender equality in a relationship as well as their liberation from controlling sex and love and family in a patriarchal system.
Do they know they are trailblazers for Women's Rights. LMAO! I would never challenge the fact that this writer points out gender equality in a poly lifestyle or dispute that poly women realize and exercise their independent thoughts on life and living it. Thanks guy for emphasizing exactly what monogamy at its root is!! Sorry monos...but I don't consider you socially backward if you are on are just coming to terms with traditional indoctrination! Right? LOL!
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