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Oh my...

My personal favourite in the article was not the article itself but the lovely racism thread started at the bottom... because that really gave some nice credibility to this piece of 'journalism'.

I also laughed out loud at one of the comments saying something about being supportive of poly, but only the 'moderate' form of it. If someone could please define what 'moderate polyamory' is, I would be most grateful for the enlightenment.

What do I think of this kind of view on polyamory? I think the average, sane, person would see this article as narrow-minded, hateful bigotry.

People are free to disagree with polyamory, I don't have an issue with people thinking it's wrong based on their individual belief system. Making broad, unsubstantiated, and outlandish statements like those in this article only make the writer look foolish and easily discredited. Writing an article does not make one a 'journalist'. Makes for a fine piece of trashy fiction though :P
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