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Originally Posted by crazyeights101 View Post
my question to you had we been searching for a male partner to both share would you feel the same way or is it just the male having two hot women in bed sterotype that caused this bias?
There is a little of that stereotype, but it has more to do with the "expectation" that the third person will connect with both members of the couple equally, and that the original twosome of the mindset that they are "searching" for someone to "complete" "their" relationship. [Edit: I have noticed that some folks, when this is pointed out to them, will backpedal and say "But OF COURSE we would all be EQUALS!!!" or something to that effect. But, it kind of shows what's going on in people's subconscious to begin with.]

In my own small but varied experiences, and from talking with other folks, I have never noticed a couple "looking for" a "male unicorn". I also have never come across a bisexual female "seeking" a m/f couple in order to become involved in a "closed triad".

Of course I realize that every relationship is unique, there are certain patterns that exist within relationships which are not unique.

If you read the posts here thoroughly, you would notice that the unicorn comments are not meant in a nasty, "you are not welcome here" way, but rather in a "join the club and take a number" kind of way, at least as far as I'm concerned. Also, 7th Crow and myself are not the only two people who have said these jokes about Unicorn Hunting. However, he has tried to explain it, as I am attempting to do right now, because people (such as yourself) have ASKED "WTH do you mean by that?"

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