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My first response is anything that is different will have haters. Poly, while it might seem new isn't. People automatically attach it polygamy etc. Its a difficult concept to grasp...everyone has their one and only, right?

My second response is a lot more...ignorant I suppose. I am glad his God doesn't appreciate my polyamorous behaviour...thank god I don't answer to his God... Preaching for me puts my ruffles up almost immediately. Its a great way to get me ignoring what you are saying.

As for

Mention the words Polyamory or Polyamorous to the average person, and I bet they'll respond like, "Poly what?"
Thats why I just say I am open. Its easier, has no context and doesn't imply something like "I want to love a bunch of people"...personally I am in an open relationship and I have the possibility/ability to fall in love with others. So poly was simply an extension of what I was already doing. I didn't love everyone I was with when I was single, I don't think thats possible with everyone I may be with....but again thats my personal understanding and attachment. Either way, the people that hate it will be haters ...

Man I am having a serious problem with the english language today. I can't form proper sentences or even spell....arg
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