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Default House "Open marriage" episode

I know this link is ugly, and if it doesn't work out for you, try Hulu in a couple of days and they should have it posted there.

I watched this episode last night and thought it interesting that open marriage was so central to the show. If you are familiar with House, you know that it is a show about a special diagnostics team at a hospital who get the hard cases that no one else can figure out.

It was pretty amusing-everyone on the medical team was intrigued to say the least about the status of the couple's marriage-in fact they spent most of the show trying to find a cause for the woman's illness that was related to her or her husband having multiple sexual partners. (it wasn't)

There were a couple lines in the script from different characters that gave credit to the honesty of the married couple's situation, but ultimately the consensus was that because the husband didn't have any other partners and the wife did, that he must be feeling guilty about something and that's why he "let" her have sex with other people, which was proved in the end. Also, one of the doctors, a serial cheater, brought up "open marriage" with his wife, and she reluctantly consented, but at the last minute backed out, and the doctor cheated anyway.

Ugh. anyway, I guess it was a good example of the misunderstandings and reactions that are out there. I think it's an indicator that the idea is becoming a bit more mainstream, even though it was pretty skewed. Enjoy, if you still feel like watching it after this glowing review!

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