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Just a very quick note I promise

There is a very calm and yet exciting security that has entered Redpepper and my relationship. Her husband asked that we all get together for a drink prior to our date night recently. I love these opportunities to group bond. We had a great time, lots of laughter and everything is just feeling so right. We all checked in and discussed what each of us was getting from the relationship. I was very tempted to forego private time with Redpepper and just hang out as a group. He is a very close friend and I would enjoy his company under any circumstances.

Again I am thankful to Redpepper for not only sharing her love with me but in also allowing me to make a wonderful new friend in her husband.
I continue to be amazed at just how lucky I am and how natural this all is

Thank you Lilo. You have very little idea just how immense and special the love I have for you and your family is...but I have lots of time and boundless energy to show you.
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