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I know I said in an earlier post that I have never run into any serious stereotypes but I was discussing this withsome friends and they reminded me of a night at a bar. There were six of us there, five of us were good friends and another guy, K, who was friends with one of our group members. Somehow relationships came up, and T (my boyfriend) and I are very open with our group of friends, who are very accepting. So we were talking about how our relationships were going as a general check-in for all the people in the group when T brought up a girl he was seeing. Everyone else just nodded and asked about her but K said something along the lines of "Aren't you in a relationship?" When T answered affirmatively K responded by saying that T couldn't really love me because if he did he wouldn't be screwing around with other women and looking for something better.

Before T or I had time to respond to the comment the other three people (two of whom are in/believe in monogamous, committed relationships) were arguing FOR poly relationships and calling K an idiot.

It didn't turn into a huge fight or anything but we debated it for quite awhile with K pulling things out like "If you love someone you won't even look at anyone else" or "Three people is just weird, no one is made to want that" and it was really lovely to see these three friends backing T and I despite it not necessarily being what they practice.

Anyway just thought I would share that, it's my closest run in with stereotyping
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