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Hey, we LOVE Staerbucks. LOL

Anyway, we have experienced the following:

Him-(from his buddies) Man, I could never let my wife do that with someone else. I would kill him and then her too.
(Also from buddies) Dude, that would be killer if she let YOU do that too though. Oh she does? I guess it's not SO bad then....But I would still have a problem with it.

From others: No way I could do that. You must have some issues with keeping your wife in line. and the great "Oh, she must have commitment issues"

Her: Your husband makes you do things like that? Wow...I would leave him in a heartbeat.

The the opposite from others: WOW! If my husband would let me do something like that, I would be out doing the whole (insert some sports team here) team! How did you get him to let you playt around?

Oh you poor thing.

Now, on the other hand, we got a positive response form our kids when we came out to them. Our 18 yo daughter said: "Whatever. I don't think I could do that right away, but you've been married for 19 years to eachother, so it must work for you. Hope you find someone nice." And from our 13 yo son:"Meah. Whatever. it's not really for me, but I hope it works good for you guys."

I guess we raised our kids right.
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