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Originally Posted by LovelyArianna View Post
You can still have new lifestyle emotions if you are not new to poly. It looks more and more like i am moving to a triad and possible quad from years of being a hinge of a V. It's a whole new dynamic and I was afraid of it for many years. it's pretty amazing stuff. Every day at a time. Baby steps are best and most lasting. Ari
That's awesome!!! So, maybe that's a NRCE. New Relationship Configuration Energy!!

Originally Posted by LovelyArianna View Post
I really didn't mean to hijack your thread.

I'm excited for you.
Not at all....your post was right on topic for me. It confirms that there is another type of "high" that seems to be different from a NRE which is directed to a particular person, but maybe I'm misunderstanding NRE and maybe the NRE is what I'm feeling.....anyway....doesn't matter what we call it, I's just nice !!!
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