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Default Idealist Poly Blog Part 17- Good weekend- fun and sexually rewarding!!

Friday Evening: After spending the evening having dinner and dancing with Tom and the quad that we met at the club (two married couples), I headed home around midnight and had a good night’s sleep. Tom said “I’ll wait until you call me.” But he was unable to honor his own boundary. He called me when I was on the way home and then several times on Saturday as well as a few times on Sunday. He’s just glad to be free from an unhappy marriage and eager to get back out into the dating world. I think he would have spent the entire weekend with me if I would have been available and willing to. But, I am not willing to spend the entire weekend with someone I just met, so…….

On Saturday afternoon, I headed out to an outdoor Music Festival! I made my own Diet Margaritas using a recipe I’ve been working on for several years. (See recipe at the bottom of this post.) John met us out there and we stayed until around 9:00PM. He followed me home and we had some snacks and talked for a while just getting caught up with what’s been going on. We had a nice time in the Jacuzzi and then….well, you know…… he is the best lover and the evening was great!! He’s Italian and very passionate. Although he is only 5’8” tall and has a few extra pounds around the middle, he is a very attractive guy!! And he was extremely loving and affectionate that night. It was awesome and something I really needed!!!

The focus of my relationships is based on enjoying each other’s company and not really focused on the sexual aspect of things, but I am a very sexual and sensual person. I occasionally enjoy spending the entire evening having a sexual encounter which might begin in the Jacuzzi or taking photos and work into a nice long evening of foreplay and culminating in climaxes… many as we feel like having.

Even though the sexual part of the relationships is only a small part of them, in terms of time spent together, it is an important part and that’s what makes this polyamory!! Because they are all sexual relationships and when the time is right, we do so enjoy that part of our connections.

John had things to do around his house on Sunday, so I was free to go about my day as I pleased. I had plans to spend the day with Katherine, but she changed her plans and decided to go with a married couple that she hangs around with occasionally. She is not sexual with them, except in a flirty way, but they do have an intimate emotional triad going on.

I called Richard and he wanted to spend the day with me, so I picked him up and we met Katherine and her friends and another group of friends out at an Outdoor Music Concert. The weather was great and the band was exceptional, so we danced a lot and had a great time. I spent the rest of the afternoon with Richard at his house and then went home to enjoy a relaxing evening.......a nice end to a wonderful weekend!!

Recipe for 2 Diet Margaritas!!! (If you consider that a regular margarita is about 800 calories and these are less than 200, you will be amazed at how you can’t tell the difference in taste at all!)

2 Ounces premium Tequila- I’ve been using Hornitos
1 ½ Ounce Grand Gala
1 ounce Roses Lime
8 ounces Minute Made Diet Lemonade
Shake vigorously with ice cubes in a shaker and then pour mixture (with ice) into two glasses.
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