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Originally Posted by KatTails View Post
Thanks Mono - I stand corrected! You are a very rare, but wise, man! "The greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention."

I think this is a stereotype that plays out in very different ways than women realize. I know men talk about it, but I know very few that actually want one.

I think the show was gossipgirl but it started a lot of talk at work about threesomes ( I guess one episode had a threesome...). I was shocked at the number of men who said they wouldn't bother, not to mention the homophobia (not as in "I don't like gay girls" as in "I don't want to compete with a woman in bed")...

I think this is another one where guys can talk a lot of smack...but when push comes to shove...its very different than watching two women make out in a bar...than it is trying to take two girls home.

I hope I didn't just give away some man secret.
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