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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Just me in having two women. Besides being mono, I'm way to focussed to spread out my attention. Hence another reason for my disinterest in group sex as well.
No, nerdist feels the same. He wants to show me he loves me, not sit back and get off. Sex is very much about love in the extreme sense of giving and receiving for him. He has never understood why men would want two women.

MG-its not you specifically that triggered me. Just the topic. That being said, I need to face myself sometimes and challenge myself by saying things that might offend, in order to get through them. I know I will likely trigger others but then such is the nature of being honest. It can be hard to talk about stuff but then how would anyone learn and grow if people don't speak up about how they feel and what they experience, even if it leaves their heart wife open and vulnerable. How would relationships become stronger, connected and more bonded. I already feel more connected to you and everyone who has spoken on this topic as I have moved forward and consider it a huge gift from all of you.

We are all such works in progress aren't we. Ever growing one step at a time.
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