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and Derby makes a great arguement, some folks are not interested in/don't feel the need to come out to everyone they know, that is definitely an option, bottom line you have to choose what feels right for you, do you want to be open with everyone? or just a certain few? its your decision, and yes sometimes someone turns out to be one of those who can't accept you, you hurt, you grieve over loosing them or what you once had with them and you move on

one of my friends whom i adore to pieces can not accept the real me, i know without a doubt in several comments he's made over the years, so i don't show him that part of me, it hurts sometimes, it is occasionally upsetting, but i enjoy him in my life the way he is now, if i show him that side of me, things will drastically change i've no doubt, so i choose to remain silent and accept what friendship he can give me
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