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Originally Posted by southerndreams View Post
My question: how do you deal with the people who refuse to support you or accept you for who you are?

simple answer - I don't, when it becomes obvious they can't handle the real me, then I simply either find the least painful quickest way to not have them in my life, or I assume the "glamour" I wore before opening up to them and simply "be whom they can accept me as" if its important enough to keep them in my life

but i have a good, large support of some key family and friends who accept me, and many years ago I made the decision to be as up front as possible, which usually goes like this "Hi I'm me, I'm married, bisexual, polyamorous." now, this new person can choose to appreciate my honesty and get to know me, or run screaming for the hills, but the ball is in their court. its quite refreshing to see how new people react to so bold an intro.
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