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How can I not know whether or not I had an affair way back then? I used the wrong word. I did NOT have any affairs way back then, but I don't remember whether or not I had any "one night stands" I could forget them, if I did, which I *think* I probably did, your guess is as good as mine.

I'm still struggling with the whole "honesty" issue. Is there such a thing as "sharing too much", or is that part of what would be required for "total honesty and transparency? Isn't NOT telling something to someone for reasons of either shame or fearing it would hurt their feelings a form of lying, a lie of omission? If you don't "fess up" to something that you haven't been directly asked about, is it a lie, or is it only a lie if you if you've been asked a direct question. To respond with "it's none of your business", or, "I don't think it's any of your business", may be true, but isn't it still a "lie of omission" since you are keeping information hidden for whatever reason?

I have been accused of sharing way too much when asked questions, in large part because I never respond with "it's none of your business". For example, if my parents had ever asked me if I was sleeping around on my wife, I KNOW what they'd be asking was if I'd had any affairs or one night stands. While I don't believe it's really their business, I'd have responded with something along the lines of, "why do you ask and *if* I were, does that mean you think you need to involve yourself somehow into my marriage to "fix" what you believe for whatever reason is "broken""? My response is a deflection and is NOT an honest answer to their question. Does that mean it's a lie? Does that make the reply dishonest because I'm avoiding answering it truthfully? Where do you draw lines when it comes to "truthfulness"?

GRRR...out of time for now. I'll be back later for more.

I'll leave you with this for your viewing pleasure...

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