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Originally Posted by KatTails View Post
The first threesome MG, my husband and I had - was planned by the two of us together. As far as I know - she had never had a threesome or been with a woman. The one thing I said to MG beforehand was to not do this for him, but because she wanted to. Prior to this - her and I had sent a series of sexual texts that turned us both on (at least I know they did for me.) So when we planned the threesome I told her to make sure because I didn't want to be anyones regret. She assured both me and my husband that she was not doing it for him. Her and I went to a movie first and kissed and held hands - trying to become comfortable with each other. We then met him at a hotel.
But it shouldn't be at the expense of someone else. MG - this isn't a criticism of you at all
The second time we were all together - it was all literally above the belt - and it was done as a surprise gift for my husband.

As much as he would love to have more threesomes - what guy wouldn't - I doubt it will happen again since it's not something MG is interested in. Also - after both times - I had a rough time because for me, I can seperate sex and love. I get so turned on watching my husband fuck someone else. Watching him make love to a woman he is deeply in love with - was really hard on me. It gave me a visual of how they were with each other when I'm not there. I started comparing how she was with him to how I am. It made me very self conscious when him and I made love.

Also - I think it is different with FMF - he only has one "tool" - so his attention is more focused on one of the females - causing the other to feel somewhat left out. In a MFM - which I can't wait to try - it is physically easier for the woman to be the center of attention. And I would never expect my husband to be sexually intimate with the guy. If he wanted to - I'm ok with it - but I would never expect it or be upset if it didn't happen.

I'm coining a new term - I'm an "above-the-belt-bisexual"

KT- Huh? Who said I didn't enjoy it? I have told you a million times it was beautiful to watch you guys...I am a voyeur. You seem to be expanding and coming to terms with your bisexuality and I had never explored that. I felt comfortable enough with you and love 2R so why wouldn't I try something new with the both of you?? AND we did plan it together. I did tell you how I felt and I went with flow of the night (the first time). A great night! The second time not so great because you left in the middle of it because you were upset with watching us. So no I did not enjoy that so much, and told him no more of that until you get a handle on the jealousy. I do not feel obligated by either of you. I do like to experiment and give of myself when I am with someone I love/trust/befriend. If you don't try or explore how will you know what you like or don't like. Anyway I also disagree with the "tool" guys had a suitcase full of "tools" that kept us both happy!
Anyway not sure why you felt lied to but I hope that has passed, and you can understand how I enjoyed giving that to both of you, and REALLY enjoyed watching you BOTH!

RP- I hope this didn't ruin your day! Just what I enjoy...not obligated or forced into doing anything!

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