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Default Stereotypes

Hi Faeriesreal,

Maybe this would be a good point to bring up the role of stereotypes in this situation ?

Some others have made some great suggestion regarding self development, different approaches etc. All good things to work into this.

But maybe you also should just recognize the power you are granting to a stereotype here. Your experience with other women has undoubtedly been a valid one. And a pretty common one at that !

It's still a stereotype, and now might be a good time to call that spade a spade and practice thinking outside that box. Every person is a unique individual. Regardless of the validity of a given stereotype, it's a wise practice to use that only as a "caution sign" and not a pre-judgement. Doing that opens us up to some wonderful experiences that we otherwise might miss !

Something to think about. You never know who might enter the picture that would bring something special into YOUR life too !

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