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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
1. Is there a tendency towards Newbies thinking that veterans should be more capable of over coming some of the major poly issues such as jealousy... etc.?
2. How do you feel about the word "leader" as far as veterans in the poly community go?

As a newby I will attempt to give my answer to these.
1. No I don't think anyone should be anything. I think more time in a poly lifestyle may give a veteran more tools to help deal with these issues, but it is essentialy an emotional response unique to each person.

2.Personaly I like the idea of "experience models" better. I walk a path ofmy own creation, I expect no one to lead me. Offer advice, share similar experiences and outcomes, offer a hand of assistance, absolutely, but not lead. It's just how I view things. I would rather learn from someones experiences, than have them lead me to the answer with no learning along the way.

Just my two cents
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