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Thanks hun, I know not to take it out on anyone but him (not that i will take it out on anyone) every life experience teaches, and i'm taking this as a hard lesson learned. And, you are absolutly right that its his loss, lol. I have alot of love to give, and if they cant accept the terms on it (the relationship, and not just sex) well.. I dont know what they are looking for, but its not me. I do hope that people in this world will one day realize what they are closing themselfs off from, and how and why they behave the way they do, I will never in a million years understand.

But, in a fair light, I cant say that I blame him. I was Mono, for 3 years while hubby was having his sex partners (open) and was happy. We had friends that had an open, but they wernt poly, it was just sex to them, I'm not made that way. Then they told me about poly, and I did some research, and it boggled my mind to know that i'm not the only one to feel the way that I did/do. Now, when i brought it up to A he flipped as well, did the whole "why am I not good enough" and I couldnt help but laugh. Its ok for him to sleep with my best friend, but not for me to have an honest and true relationship, hmmm. The way we are raised in our society is that cheating is acceptable, well its not. But, in their minds, we are the ones that are wrong (what a bunch of crock) anyways, got off topic, sorry. Thank you both, and have a wonderful and glorious day (the sun is shining here, and it is a very good day)
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