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I've definitely experienced the 'commitment' stereotype. My Mother told me several of her lovely opinions about poly including that I should take off my wedding ring and that I wasn't really married anymore. She seemed to believe I was betraying my wedding vows as well until I reminded her that neither my hubby or I or the minister said anything about exclusivity in our wedding ceremony. I didn't debate any further with her as her opinions have always meant rather little to me. She looks up on my poly life with confusion as she has so little love in her life, she's so incredibly lonely and unhappy. And here I am with two of the most wonderful men in the world and the support of so many friends <3
With most of my family being very against poly, a thought comes to mind that I wish they could understand. Just because they can't imagine themselves doing something, doesn't mean I should let go of this reality. But as the saying goes... wish in one hand, shit in the other, and see which one gets filled first :P
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