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Just thought I'd add some things here.
I think what SG is trying to say is that the labels of this poly world just don't seem to fit our relationship. We don't like them and before, we WERE trying to fit ourselves into this poly box that we simply don't fit in.

Our relationship (to me) is the same as it was before in regards to the dynamics. Things are just more open. We're more comfortable and we (please correct me if I'm wrong SG) are happier now that we've thrown away these self imposed words we thought we needed once we found this poly world.

Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
I fail to see how this is "but not". Just because your relationship didn't fit into the pre-scribed geometry doesn't make it "not poly". I seem to recall people on this forum telling you that you don't HAVE to have a triad, and that it's not "all or nothing", and one of you (it was either you or AL) said "oh yes, yes we do, It IS all-or-nothing for us".
I think what she was trying to say here YGirl, is that its not something any of us would have thought of if we hadn't met each other. We don't have the 'average' poly relationship where it's clearly a V or Triad (when there are three involved). Of course all of them are different and unique. And that was me who said that. And it was/is true. We're not a V. Not really. Only in the IN love aspect is this true. We are still a triad. I love AB very much and still find him very attractive and desirable. I enjoy being with him just as much as I enjoy being with SG. The two of us just discovered we weren't IN love with each other. Basically everything is exactly the same as before. We're just not trying to MAKE ourselves be IN love. To me this is still a triad.

Casting off those labels has made us feel more comfortable and free to just enjoy the love that we all have for each other. Even if that love is a little different.
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