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Ok, so I talked to him, aaaand he freaked out, lol. There is just no easier way to explain it. He was ok with it being just physical, though we hadnt done anything and have been hanging out as friends for months, with him telling me he wanted more, but as soon as I told him about A's and my relationship, he flips. I mean, its not like our relationship is going to change, it just means that its out in the open, if anything ever did. But you know, if he could act like that over information, then he isnt the man i thought he was and better to find that out now, than later, right?

Now, to all the good men on here, I want to let you know, this comment is not ment for you, this is to the men that are not on here, who thinks its ok to play with womens hearts.

Men suck, and they need to all be taught how to behave and talk to a lady. I dont care what you think of me, but dont ever call me a w**** and a B**** just because you dont like what I have to say.

Ok, now that my ranting is done, i'm off for some icecream and a chick flick with some gfs. Thanks everyone, and have a great night!!
Merry meet, merry part, merry meet again.
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