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Originally Posted by Morningglory629 View Post
I have the same feelings on the matter and was a bit surprised at my bf's reaction. Just checking if I wasn't getting something. This is a double V situation and as a hinge I would be happy if they could do that for me- not that I am asking- but as an end in the other V, I thought it was a great gift and something his wife and I shared in the planning, and then was a bit confused by reactions. Ok... just so I am not crazy. Thanks!
Morning, as a guy...who is a unicorn hunter to some degree...I am usually shocked to read this kind of stuff. I really don't enjoy threesomes if the two women aren't into it as well. Maybe its hard to explain, but having 2 girls to have sex with is little more than serial monogamy (REALLY serial)...I have never found that...ok I was about to tell a small lie, its not what I want when my wife and I are with women, I have ended up in situations like this but it wasn't as enjoyable. It always surprises me when thats what men think of as threesomes.

That and...well RP's post covers it for me I suppose I don't need to re-iterate.

I used the term serial monogamy simply because it was a quick term, thats not what I mean to imply. A threesome with 2 partners not involved with each other is really just two couples. Couldn't coin a term fast enough to represent that [/edit]

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