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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Heteroflexible (I don't know why I love this term, but its a label that makes me smile everytime)...
ohhh, got it. Got it, but definitely NOT it. Still triggered. Just goes to show, I really shouldn't do things that bug me and make my stomach turn,,, I really didn't go with my gut when guys watched me eagerly go down on their wives, while they giggled and squirmed under my touch. I knew they hated it and acted all into it for their men. I was confused, and insulted. They didn't get off at all for real (it lasted as long as they could stand it). It was all fake and I was left feeling hurt that the moment was all just for mens entertainment... lesson learned. And they say swinging is just harmless fun. Hmph, not always, I wonder what they felt afterwards? I wonder if it grossed them out that I actually was into it instead of just pretending. I hope there was no negative affect..... Okay, I have to get off this as it's ruining my otherwise nice day.
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