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Originally Posted by Morningglory629 View Post
Did/does the significant other in your V ever get annoyed or upset that you are not romantically/sexually interested in the other person, or does your SO appreciate the gift? Very curious because although I am not bisexual I do and have been part of a threesome to please my lover. He asked, I found it exciting to be part of and I happily participated. However unless it is to arouse him, I wouldn't choose a sexual relationship with a woman. This disappoints him. Is that a common reaction in V relationships?
you would do this for your partner? really?! I find it absolutely abhorrent to have sex with people I am not into and in fact find that I think I am insulting them. I don't do anything unless I am aroused to do so. I used to and it just built resentment and anger. I ceratainly wouldn't have sex with a woman just to turn a man on. It would be just for me, but then I genuinely love sex with women... I still wouldn't let a guy watch just because he got off on it. I hated that about swinging. I was all into it and the women hated it, but did it for their men.... I think I have just been triggered by this... sorry
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