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Thanks Saudade, for hijacking- I was a little taken aback by the anti-medication response GS posted. I know there are many people that feel strongly about the use of anti-depressants, but it really wasn't what I was asking about.

@GS FYI, I have attempted to go med free because I would love to be able to function day-to-day without them. Unfortunately, I come from a long line of people with mental health issues and it's not an option for me. I have four children and not enough time and energy to manage my chaotic emotions. I am acutely aware that my life would be *much* more.... Unpredictable sans medication.

If I may go back to the original issue, does anyone have a plan as Saudade suggested? If so, does it cause everyone to become hyper-aware? I want to protect myself, but not to the detriment of the sex. I love the impulsivity of our sex life, and don't want to feel that my emotions have made that too difficult.
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