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lol Ok I think I need to Clarrify... When I said Poly but not..It was more that why we DO have a Poly relationship.. and Yes I know we denying that. Its more that we chose not to Put a label on it. Alot of the conflict I went through was caused by My need to try to fit was OUR relationship into the "box" that is Poly. All the so called rules and shit that you find in ALOT of the threads about here...We(read I) had to toss out the window to make this work for us. And while at first it WAS an all or nothing situation...we adjust to make it work for us. There are still Some things in our relationship that IS all or nothing. But there is no longer that expectaion that EVERYONE must be IN love with EVERYONE. Admittedly we were blind enough when we went into this ( before we discovered the Polamory label and then even after) to think that how it had to be. Also I know that If it wasn't for AL That I would not CHOOSE to live a Polyamours lifestyle. It just that I fell in love with two people. These two people. Hence My feeling of "poly but not." Hope that explains a little more.
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