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Originally Posted by Morningglory629 View Post
I have the same feelings on the matter and was a bit surprised at my bf's reaction. Just checking if I wasn't getting something. This is a double V situation and as a hinge I would be happy if they could do that for me- not that I am asking- but as an end in the other V, I thought it was a great gift and something his wife and I shared in the planning, and then was a bit confused by reactions. Ok... just so I am not crazy. Thanks!
Have you by chance asked KT what her reaction is? Just curious.

Originally Posted by LovelyArianna View Post
Sometimes V's can appear to be groups of triads or groups of close quads.but still V's.
Ours is very much that way. People who see us think there is a possibility of a triad. We live together, spend a LOT of our time in a group of 3. We cuddle up on the floor in one (large) sleeping bag to watch movies.
But NEITHER of the guys has a romantic interest in the other or a sexual interest in the other. They just don't and they likely never will. Which is just fine with me.

It will be interesting to see how perceptions are affected if and when one of them gets a serious girlfriend.
I think it would be interesting because everyone knows I'm bi-but what if she and I weren't interested in each other? Would they ASSUME that because I'm bi then we MUST be involved? Probably. Not worried about it-just curiously intrigued.

Originally Posted by Moonglow View Post
I know they would never have any interest in each other but one can dream that at least we could share...
Yes you can!

I know that feeling. I don't dream of them sexually being together. But I do dream of being able to curl up around GG with Maca curled up around me or vice versa (probably both considering how much I flip flop around in bed!).

I WOULD LOVE to be able to sleep all together a couple nights a week. It would be so reassuring.

Ironically I happen to think that doing so would also help both of them to get more comfortable with each other and realize that they need not FEEL like there is any competition.

Like when you start dating for the first time and you are hesitant and nervous about holding hands? Of course-once you DO IT you get over that nervousness right?

I think it would be the same thing. Now don't get me wrong. I'm not applying this to sex, though it did work that way for me (I was totally homo-phobic when I was younger). When I let my guard down a little bit to a patient woman who was willing to carefully show me how loving it could be to have a woman make love to me, I figured out that it just wasn't the big deal that I had previously made of it. BUT-that's just me. I don't know that any other person would be capable of that leap sexually.

As for the sleeping in the same room-I have no doubt that damn near anyone COULD get used to that, considering how little would HAPPEN.

"Love As Thou Wilt"

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