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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
New questions-

I was prompted to think about the age thing in my original questions.

3. Does "newby" and "veteran" take on a new meaning when it comes to age? Does a young newby that dates an older veteran have the expectation that they are more skilled at poly and relationships as a whole? Do expectations change with age and life stage within the newby and veteran categories?
I see there's another thread spawned querying the age question. My response there would be the same as here.

I don't think the raw "number" has any bearing. I know "young" people who have seen and experienced far more in their short lives than people 3 times their age ! I know young people who have the genuine desire to move in a better direction and are willing to put in the work that that requires !
I know middle age, self styled "veterans" that meet NONE of those criteria !

Building a beautiful house takes desire, knowledge, enthusiasm, effort and a willingness to learn. Lacking that you're left to rely on luck - or someone else bailing you out before it all comes tumbling down.

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