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Originally Posted by Olivier View Post
I've always noticed that many people (according to some statistics well over 50%) cheat on their spouse. When I ask them why, most of them say it is easier to hide and do it anyway instead of confronting their partner. They basically choose the easy way out. The problem is that they enforce the old paradigm this way. If everyone would be upfront enough to just bite the bullet and admit they have feelings for other people (I know most persons do), instead of hiding and saying their partner is the one and only, polyamory would become universal.
I see your thought process here Oliver, and agree to a large extent.
If the world (culture) you live in reinforces from a young age that sex and love can ONLY occur in pairs then of course you have what we have !

If on the other hand it was expressed otherwise from day one - what WOULD that world look like ? It would only seem that people would embrace those connections as they came into their lives - and potentially not even be "seeking" them - and all that goes with that.

I also like Mono's effort to detail some of the obvious facts of the way things "are", being food for thought on how they "could be".

I often use the food analogy.
If every relationship was as comfortable talking about their ENTIRE sex & love life as they are talking about their lunch experience/choices then there would be far more time and energy available to spend nurturing our relationships.

We do it here every day - in anonymity. But it COULD be the open default way to communicate.

Be interesting to see what that looks like - eh ?

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