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Things are swimming along quite nicely.

Possibility is having his gallbladder removed Tuesday as long as his throat isn't still sore (they're susptecting Strep) & is threatening to go out and eat the fattiest foods he can find so they'll take it out as an emergency *sigh*. He's frustrated beyond belief! He's tired of having to watch what he eats and the paranoia is eating him alive! He's scared that the next thing he eats will send him back to the hospital in worse pain than before. I'm being good in that respect. I dig out my weight watchers recipes and cook something up from those, modifying the fat content if I can or need to. This last time it was Slim Down Sloppy Joes--awesome!

Other than the gall bladder stuff.....We've decided it's time to add some bdsm elements into our relationship. This is an exciting turn & we're just waiting until he's had his surgery and the doctor clears him for activities more strenuous than lifting a pencil, lol.

We're currently working our way through the TV show Jericho with an ocassional change to The 4400, lol. Sometimes we throw in a movie for a change of pace.
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