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I had a really good date a week or so ago. We met for coffee. He's hot and has his shit together. Yay! Younger than me but what else is new? We chat, have a really good conversation, nothing too deep but not totally superficial either. Things progress to making out. That was fun! I didn't take him home with me although I was tempted. I'm gun shy about doing that since that is how Whip and I met. So as we say our good byes, he makes it clear he would like to see me again, I make it clear I would like to see him again. When I get home, I send him an OKC message basically saying I really enjoyed the date, the making out was fun, and here's my phone number. So I'm thinking hot guy will be in contact at some point and sexy hijinks will ensue.

Instead, dead silence. I've not heard a peep on OKC or via phone. I did send one last message - basically another date was fun, would love to get together - and have left it at that. No point in reaching out further. I've moved on to others (including one guy who sent me a riddle to figure out! Swoon!) but honestly, I am perplexed.

I've heard this happens to other folks. I've just never had it happen to me. I'm usually really good at knowing if things will click or not. I've had the bailing out before the date - that's happened more than once. But I've never gone on a date, made a connection, had some sexy contact, and then squat? My instincts were not on point about this one. It's weird and rather disconcerting. Has this happened to you? Has anyone done this to someone? (No judgments, I know things happen in life.)
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