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I have seen a man in a leg of my V come to poly as an escape, wanting to justify his past fooling around. He thought he was poly and finally becoming responsible. I was fooled. Yes, I'm a vet poly and I was fooled, go figure. Sigh, Ari wanting to believe the best in people, as I met several of his woman friends. Great guy tho, trying to be sober.

Like mono's poly's can wanna be in love with the potential of a person. I'm a great optimist.

Well, no go, really, as it didn't last. He still was hiding out with his various female relationships, trying sometimes to introduce them and be open, but he started living fast and furious, his habits finally caught up with him and he could not really be poly. Only an effort to still guilty feelings.

Just fooling around. Hiding. Still. Don't need to be a shrink to see some of these guys.

Poly doesn't' make us more responsible, automatically, sadly.


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