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I think, if the mods and fellow members don't mind, I'm going to start using my thread here to help me focus my thoughts and get things out that at this point I am only sharing with my hubby. We are not "out" yet as there isn't anything to be "out" about... yet. So I will post short updates occasionally, similar to Mono's Sharing Success & Happiness thread.

Wow! So I talked to my hubby "Cajun" tonight and told him of my fears and desires now that my love interest "Elric" is single again. Cajun told me to ask Elric out. I said it was too soon, they just broke up Wednesday! Plus, he's still not sure how you really feel about all of this. Cajun then tells me to ask him out and tell Eric that he told me to. So I did...and he said yes! Can I feel any more like a giddy high school girl? Elric even said that Cajun was right, he felt more comfortable accepting because my hubby told me to ask. He thought it was kinda strange, my husband essentially playing matchmaker, and I was honest and told him that Cajun just wants me to be happy and he sees how I am when we have our good conversations (the non drama convos).

So now we have to figure out the logistics of said First Date. We are 400 miles apart after all. But in the meantime, I'm going to bask in this moment of happiness and success. And hope it doesn't come crashing down around me. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst!
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