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We are mostly recovered from the psychopath incident. We got some professional confirmation as well, though it was a diagnosis without interview.

Susan's bf did pass about 6 weeks ago. I didn't go out then, but I'm headed to see Susan for a couple weekends both next week and next month. Then she's coming here and we are taking a vacation together. I'm really looking forward to that. We still chat for hours every day.

Kay is doing well. She seems to need cuddling more than usual which I'm appreciative of, but it makes me think something is wrong. She says no. She starts school again pretty soon so it's another 3 months of super busy. We just got back from a great vacation, and we're planning Napa in the spring.

Stakes and I enjoyed our trip. It was too long for me to be away with her, but I really enjoyed the weekend, and I'm glad we did it. She's pretty busy with her own relationships. Other than chats during the day, I haven't seen much of her. Our relationship hasn't gotten weird, so that's good.
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