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Originally Posted by otter View Post
From what I am reading a V is 3 people who have 1 person at the base. A Triad is 3 people who are sexualy active together.
Now what about a group of 3 MFM who have sex at once but the MM not with each other?
I can see it being a V with the two guys only wanting to be with the female, but as they are a close group (guys best friends) who will all join at once it could be a Triad.
There is no really need to label this. Jusy something I am thinking about.
Still a V.

Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
Forget about the sex. Look at the relationships. A vee has one person who is involved romantically with two people who are not involved with each other romantically. A triad has three people, each of whom is involved romantically with the other two.

Having a threesome is no indicator as to the relationships. If the two Ms are not romantically involved with each other, there's no triad structure, just a vee that indulges in sexual threesomes.
I am DEFINITELY not in a triad. BUT we did have one threesome. They each were ONLY looking to do something special for me-and there was one night to do it in. Easier to do it in 1 hour than 1 hour with each.
Definitely two separate relationships of mine.

Originally Posted by Morningglory629 View Post
Did/does the significant other in your V ever get annoyed or upset that you are not romantically/sexually interested in the other person, or does your SO appreciate the gift? Very curious because although I am not bisexual I do and have been part of a threesome to please my lover. He asked, I found it exciting to be part of and I happily participated. However unless it is to arouse him, I wouldn't choose a sexual relationship with a woman. This disappoints him. Is that a common reaction in V relationships?
Huh, I personally am not disappointed that my guys don't want a romantic or sexual relationship with one another and I only appreciate the night we shared as the gift they gave me-nothing more, nothing less and with no expectation of a repeat....
But I don't know about other hinges (that's the middle person fyi).
"Love As Thou Wilt"

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