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Thanks for the sympathies. I meant to write more details yesterday, but got busy.

I was surprised to hear about this third breakup because I saw pix on FB people from the drumming community were posting from the latest big late summer outdoor drum event. It was on Saturday and I was looking at the photos on Sunday. I saw pix of Ginger and Carla dancing together. The person that had taken and posted it had titled it Dancing Conversation.

I also saw a pic of Ginger with a big smile, having just had face paint art put on him by Carla. So I thought all was well.

But apparently about 24 hours later, they broke up with him again.

I also found out from miss pixi that even though Ginger's prostate and kidney issues seem resolved, and the side pain is a pulled muscle and now being treated with a topical pain reliever, he still had ED, and started Cialis, but it gave him headaches. So he is trying another medication.

Maybe if he was finally able to get a full erection, it was the last straw for David and his jealousy.

opalescent suggested if I want to stay friends with him, I wait 40 days from the breakup. That will be just 4 days from now. I think I will do it, say hi, just to see what happens.
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