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I can't see any reason why poly should be age-restricted. That seems silly.

I do remember that everything was faster and more urgent when I was young, and I'm not talking about sex. Well, not just that! But I think it would have been a lot harder for me to be careful and thoughtful in relationships than it is now. So maybe dealing with the challenges of poly is sometimes harder for younger poly folk? Or that could be bullshit. I dunno.

Others are more moderate [on the poly scale]; they could go either way, and so what they do winds up depending on who they meet and how their community reacts and what they consciously decide is a good idea.
Yeah. I'm probably not poly really, I just adore a woman who is. But I don't seem to have typical mono emotions like possessiveness and jealousy, and poly feels natural. If I had to apply a label to myself it would be "lucky"...
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