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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
New questions-

I was prompted to think about the age thing in my original questions.

3. Does "newby" and "veteran" take on a new meaning when it comes to age? Does a young newby that dates an older veteran have the expectation that they are more skilled at poly and relationships as a whole? Do expectations change with age and life stage within the newby and veteran categories?
hmmm interesting question...ummm...a hesitant no...age is not a good indicator of experience. 40 year old divorcee from her highschool sweetheart? 35 year old male player who has more notches than a log cabin? A 25 year old who has been poly and aware since they were 17?...

Then comes emotional maturity, baggage and how they handle it, emotional newness.

Now can expectations change perception, yes I suppose it could. But I think anyone walking in making assumtions based on age strictly based on the number are in for a rude awakening.
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