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Re (from LadyManda):
"Why do we exist then?"
One atheist's answer: There may not be a "Why" in terms of a transcendent meaning, other than what we can build ourselves in our own lives. Technically, I believe we exist because the way the birth and development of the Universe unfolded led to the spontaneous inception of life on Earth and the subsequent evolution which ultimately populated the planet with humans. And that's why we exist. More meaning will have to be created by our own humble efforts.

Why did the Universe come into being in the first place? There are many science-based narratives to explain it, but our current technology is by far insufficient for proving anything about that. You could always add another "Why" question to precede each "Because" answer, but who says the Why/Because chain doesn't extend back infinitely?

This is not to thumb my nose at the profound spiritual stirrings the really big "Why" questions engender in the human heart. Perhaps God is the ultimate reason for our existence. I just don't know for sure.

"You have done away with belief, faith, and hope. This makes me pose the question: Then what does it mean to be human?"
My hardcore atheist answer would be that the only built-in meaning to our humanness is the complex dance of molecules within our brains and bodies. Humans can then add meaning to what's built-in if they so desire.

Re: belief, faith, hope ... all three words have multiple meanings, from the religious to the mundane. I think we all believe something, it's just that some of us base our beliefs strictly on physical proof. Many of us have faith in the ultimate goodness of humanity without ascribing it to any God, and we all must have some hope that each new day will be somehow worthwhile, otherwise we'd all just constantly want to kill ourselves. So I for one retain belief, faith, and hope, even though they aren't centered around any church or religious doctrine.

"Why are faith, belief, and hope useless concepts?"
I for one think they are useful concepts, I just don't think they have to be religious concepts.
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