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Question Why do we exist then?

Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Actually I have done away with belief, faith and hope in my life. I find them useless concepts.
I am very new to poly and I consider myself a Christian so it is very encouraging to see that at least some Christians are accepting of polyamory! As I read through this thread, this quote by Magdlyn stood out to me...this seems strange to me...maybe it is bc I am a Christian I find it hard to wrap my head around...

...You have done away with belief, faith, and hope. This makes me pose the question: Then what does it mean to be human? Why do we exist?

It is something I have been pondering a while now and this thread has brought it to the forefront. If we have no faith (in anything, bc IMHO even atheists have some form of faith), no belief in something and no hope at all then why should I care about me, or anyone else or the world or life at all? What would be the point?

Why are faith, belief, and hope useless concepts?
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