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I agree 100%. Cheating is not poly and not healthy. Especially when the cheating is then compounded by a lie. But I do have to say i understand the rawness of wanting to. Even in my open relationship I am struck, at times by a desire to cheat. To break the rules. Last night was a prime example of a time I was feeling very weak (my little head was damn close to beating my big head)...I could have easily cheated...twice. But something in me stops me everytime. But man was it a fight...oi...

I have never cheated, and don't intend to. I have been the cheatee...3rd party cheater...not sure...I slept with a woman who was dating her gf at the time. It was a mixture of rekindling, acid and a fantastic night of walking around a small town while was a very connecting moment and offered US closure...we both needed that.

But anyways, has anyone ever said you sound sure say sorry a lot

You love a man who loves another women and you are handling it with poise...and intellect...I say you are doing a great job, but it will take time to rebuild is never easy
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